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ALTAX Center is registered as a CSO in 2017, pursuant to the legislation on non-profit organizations with Unique Entity Identification Number (NUIS) L71807452F.

ALTAX Center is a non-profit Think Tank institution based in Albania. It analyzes Albanian domestic and foreign economic and fiscal policy to provide a reliable source of expertise on the political, ideological, cultural, economic and historical factors that influence Albanian policies, and towards the Western Balkans and beyond. The ALTAX Center has an intensive activity in fiscal and economic policies and analysis that includes public budget administration, policy and implementation, as well as law compliance and economic imbalances. The work is mainly based on the network of experts who are well connected with ALTAX and are organized on the basis of thematic and thematic subjects.

ALTAX, as an Albanian think-tank initiative aims at a new approach to Albanian-European fiscal and economic policy. Collaboration with academics and fiscal experts helps to expand and create a comprehensive audience to help increase fiscal capacity in Albania and Kosovo.

We analyze the economy, the legal system, the accountability of politicians looking mainly at the national and regional level of macro and micro indicators, statistical data, market, government budget, labor market data and sectoral trends. Although it is the citizens who ultimately determine the direction of the economy and society, governments influence it through fiscal and monetary policy. We offer to donors, organizations and other parties the proper analysis of topics that are interesting for future forecasts as well.

At our Think Tank, we can:

We carry out a preliminary analysis of economic policies
Prepare a model of expertise and policies
We organize studies and reports based on partnerships with individuals and organizations
Prepare market analysis and influencing factors
We analyze all the data for proper political reflection


ALTAX represents an independent fiscal and economic research center, in the role of a commentator on public finances, fiscal policy, tax law, fiscal education, social policies and social inequalities in the distribution of welfare by assessing policy development in order to promote development in Albania compared with countries in the region and the Europe.


ALTAX has the primary purpose of promoting legal education, assisting and caring for appropriate expertise, and protecting taxpayers/voters from abusive actions by the governance. Its activity is in function of the goal to achieve a more efficient and less complex tax system for everyone.


ALTAX aims to expand the parameters of the public policy debate to allow for the possibility of changing traditional principles of governance in relation to transparency. In achieving its objectives, ALTAX intend to attract as many interested publics as possible to engage in these discussions and to be part of changing governance policy debates for the public and with the public.






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