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ALTAX Center is an economic and fiscal research center (Think Tank), which works to increase the understanding between the government and the public (civil society) on issues related to the honesty of the economic, fiscal system in civil society in Albania.

The ALTAX Center was established to be close to young economists and fiscal experts, as well as to people in need of advice or protection from abuse of the law. The important thing is not to be afraid and insecure of what awaits to happen, but to be a few steps ahead of the problem.

ALTAX Consulting is independent of the ALTAX Center and operates as a consulting service and other legal and accounting services.

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These are ALTAX experts and partners. Their expertise and effectiveness is appreciated by you when requesting their services. We have partners in a range of qualities, values ​​and professions. Quality and correctness is what we are all at ALTAX for.

The reason why experts from many sectors and certifications come together in this platform is that ALTAX has established three essential principles of partnership – expertise, which enables us to introduce progressive and productive services.

Capitalization. All experts / partners have an equal right to contribute and contributions cannot always be measured simply in terms of cash value or public profile.

Transparency. Sincerity and honesty in employment relationships are prerequisites for trust, accountability and, ultimately, successful partnerships.

Mutual benefit. All partners, as well as clients, should benefit from an interaction, having in common between them, both the specific goals and benefits targeted by each partner with the client, but also the incentive to ensure continuous engagement and sustainable working relationships.

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