At ALTAX CONSULTING, practice plays a crucial role, where we build a strong and long-term relationship with clients.

Advisory and Consulting services are designed to provide business insights and develop practical strategies to address existing challenges. We work closely with clients to define business goals, define the scope of challenges and advise on a full range of solutions. Financial planning and analysis, process optimization and business evaluation are all key tools available for climbing business consulting services.

Consultancy services

Business valuation is the process of determining the current worth of an asset or a company. There are many techniques used to determine value. An analyst placing a value on a company looks at the company’s management, the composition of its capital structure, the prospect of future earnings and market value of assets.

Professional expertise is required to capture the true economic reality of the company and to make the necessary adjustments to the balance sheets and profit & loss statements. Generic software packages and automatic or do-it-yourself business valuations found on the Internet are useless. ALTAX CONSULTING offers you professional expertise from an experienced team of business valuers that they help you adjust your financial statements to capture the true economic value of your company by choosing a combination of business valuation methods that are best suited to your business activity.

Will you start a business?

– Define the legal structure of your business
– Register a business name (“Doing business as”)
– Register for central and local taxes, labor taxes and social and health contributions
– Get acquainted with fiscalization procedures
– Get a Business License / Permit
– Understand the Responsibilities of the Employer / Employee and contracts
– If you need help revising a business plan, we can provide feedback and recommendations
– If you need initial space, we can identify incubators and equipment provided by the state and organizations

We help you structure the collective agreement on employee rights. We assist you to ensure the successful integration of business operations, cultures and strategies, and maximize the value of your investment by also focusing on ways to achieve tax efficiency. We focus on the client’s strategic objectives, negotiations and savings opportunities and scale our services directly according to their needs.
Our professionals have direct access to the full resources of our network when needed and coordinate access to those resources through focal points of contact. Transaction Advisory Professionals work with buyers, strategists and financiers, sellers and lenders across the spectrum of merger and acquisition commitments.

Financial services consulting provides a clear overview and practical solutions to the biggest, most challenging issues today that affect asset and asset management, banking and capital markets, and financial insurances such as:

  • Wealth and asset management
  • Risk management
  • Property risks in the future
  • Financial insurance

Our approach to asset and asset management requires a dedicated intensity to ensure that only the best investment determinations are made. Our decisions are based on vigilance, perseverance, time, knowledge and discipline.

Whether your business operates in a single environment, or operates with facilities in locations spread across the country, ALTAX CONSULTING can develop comprehensive security plans complemented by effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your business: employees, customers, supply chain, physical environment and your products.

What do we do?
Facilitate the best decisions for the allocation of capital resources
Increase operational efficiency
Improve a company’s risk control efforts to support critical strategic initiatives, compliance and governance.

Strategic consulting is the practice of helping businesses with high-level decisions that enable them to do so.

ALTAX CONSULTING professional team offers you:

  • Creative solutions that combine our experience and nurture knowledge
  • Clear views on how to create value in your business
  • Quality service – we share our experience working with our customers and offer the highest quality service in the industry
  • Results- We measure our success with your results. We care about our customers

Our Transaction Advisory Services team advises on strategies to raise, invest, develop capital. We also ensure the amalgamation and acquisition of finance, taxation, information technology and human resources for the proper care of private capital, hedge funds and strategic investors. We view transactions through the lens of an investor and are focused on helping clients to successfully identify, evaluate and implement their growth strategies in today’s complex business landscape.
We are able to advise on all aspects of the investment cycle using an approach that focuses on value drivers and agreement violators that are critical to investment decisions.

Transaction Advisory services include:

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Independent Business Plans Review
  • Working Capital Assistance

We concentrate on our client’s strategic objectives, negotiation, and savings opportunities and scale our services directly to their needs.

Get to know Experts / Partners

These are ALTAX experts and partners. Their expertise and effectiveness is appreciated by you when requesting their services. We have partners in a range of qualities, values ​​and professions. Quality and correctness is what we are all at ALTAX for.

The reason why experts from many sectors and certifications come together in this platform is that ALTAX has established three essential principles of partnership – expertise, which enables us to introduce progressive and productive services.

Capitalization. All experts / partners have an equal right to contribute and contributions cannot always be measured simply in terms of cash value or public profile.

Transparency. Sincerity and honesty in employment relationships are prerequisites for trust, accountability and, ultimately, successful partnerships.

Mutual benefit. All partners, as well as clients, should benefit from an interaction, having in common between them, both the specific goals and benefits targeted by each partner with the client, but also the incentive to ensure continuous engagement and sustainable working relationships.

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