Open Meeting in Vlora for a different action in the implementation of future approaches

Open Meeting in Vlora for a different action in the implementation of future approaches

We concluded tour of several open meetings in the 5 main municipalities of the country, where the Open Meeting on Tuesday, June 21 was the consolidation of the presentations of the findings identified in the series of reports called by ALTAX experts as “MULTIDIMENSIONAL MONITORING OF LOCAL GOVERNANCE: EVALUATION OF OPPORTUNITIES AND LIMITATIONS”.

Based on the evaluation of the possibilities of the Municipalities, but also the limitations that come to external factors that do not depend on them, one of his goals was the report to discuss it directly with the representatives of civil society, business but also of the Municipality and the Council

In the words of the Chairwoman of the Municipal Council, Mrs. Balla, but also the reactions of added value for us from the deputy mayor, Mrs. Veizi was reinforced once again by the finding that Municipalities and Municipal Councils, despite their great efforts in their work, should have a synchronization with the policies of the central government, so that the goal for the development of the city achieves the desired productivity and added value. in the economy of Vlora, but also in the part of the contribution to the income of the Municipality.
Regarding the policy of strategies, a re-updating of them should be proposed as soon as possible.

The policies adopted so far, including the main development document, need to be adapted to the demands of the time we are spending full of surprises, but also to the need to develop planned programs that speak the language of development, but without passing necessarily from urbanization.
Vlora seems to need much more than the economy and tourism that it has and the potential of the sea related to fishing, but also the fight against informality should be in the same direction with the central institutions, which have done for Vlora, but not where it should and the measure needed to drive change.

We insisted with the strength of the argument, that migration can begin to be curbed by the approach to educating young people to strengthen the culture of service, but also knowledge of the digital world.

On the other hand, ALTAX experts can address the request to start a national dialogue for new social contracts, for the automatic indexation of employees’ salaries, but also for labor rights.
Many valuable ideas were mentioned regarding agriculture and the continuation of the government project for “100 villages”, where the 3 villages of Vlora have a lot to expect for the change from what is foreseen in the paper.

The Deputy Mayor mentioned the fact that a lot has been done for the development of agriculture and fisheries and they have had a significant assistance from the IPARD 1 and IPARD 2 programs, which are mostly addressed to livestock, but also in support of fisheries.
Whereas, the Mayor of the Municipal Council mentioned the fact that for waste management, Vlora already has a big change, as this management is based on a program for waste integration and their contemporary processing.

Vlora civic values are also seen in the open but critical discussion by representatives of civil society who also raised questions and uncertainties whether the decentralization that is being implemented should be changed or not, as well as the risk of local autonomy and better segregation of duties. between the two powers

Unable to have experts on local government reform, ALTAX experts said that based on what has been analyzed within the project it is concluded that there is a division in legislation regarding the rights and obligations of the two levels of government, but of course that in implementation there are elements that are needed to work for change.

Meanwhile, the support that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given to this social monitoring project is hailed as a novelty in the city that never ends its controversial and innovative approach in providing comments and ideas for a more positive performance.

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