Why are the elite natural enemies of the people?

Why are the elite natural enemies of the people?

The goal of the tax system is to get all people to think of themselves as taxpayers. They know that as we think we are taxpayers, so shall we become. People who believe that they are taxpayers have, in fact, become taxpayers. They lose all initiative to question those who question the income tax.

The income tax is an illegal and immoral evil that forces full disclosure of our lives to government authority. Income tax is more than disclosure. It is confession and self-incrimination.

It is impossible to file an income tax form without confession and self-incrimination.

The IRS will not accept a 1040 tax return without a signature. Once it is signed, it is an enforceable contract giving the IRS unilateral authority to force your confession or testimony (witness against yourself, which is illegal and unconstitutional) and to assess taxes, penalties and interest.

It is a modern star chamber, and the only reason we are not totally humiliated is because we are manipulated to believe that we are paying our fair share. This is another mind-altering phrase that is used to extract wealth from the American people. To whom or what are we paying our fair share? To immoral evil! The income tax system is a sinister creation of organized crime called government.

The IRS system is the perfect expression of police power because it operates as force, extracts confession and forces self-incrimination of citizens. Yet in its hypocrisy it persuades the public mind that it is a voluntary system of self-assessment.

The IRS is a system that uses police power to force involuntary servitude. There is a parasitic income tax system in America that prospers on the confusion and duplicity of the tax system by helping you comply. Millions of hours are expended by individuals and businesses in an effort to comply with a system that is essentially voodoo and witchcraft.

And even complying with the tax code to the letter does not make you safe. I know of a business owner who filed his taxes on time and in order and with supporting documentation. One day, his daughter called from college to say her bank account was frozen.

Fearing that she was the victim of fraud, he called the bank and learned that his personal and business accounts, his ex-wife’s account and his daughter’s account had all been frozen by the IRS because of business mileage deductions the IRS deemed suspicious and did not accept.

He hired an attorney and appealed. During his appeal, which stretched on for months (during which he had no access to the money in his accounts), penalties and interest were applied to his tax bill. And although he provided all the documentation as required by the IRS, and the IRS finally accepted his deductions as proper, when it was over he still owed the IRS $40,000 in penalties and interest on an IRS debt he never owed in the first place.

The IRS is best described as a creation of benevolent totalitarianism. This means that members of the public are persuaded to accept tyranny because they assume that their response to the tax system is necessary. Add to this the fear and intimidation used by the IRS, and the result is essentially an attitude of I’ve got to pay my fair share.

Self-sacrifice is not synonymous with moral duty, nor does it justify the accommodation of evil.

The frivolous issue put forth and debated is whether or not the income tax is mandatory by law. No, it is not mandatory by law but it is most definitely mandatory by force police force. In the real world today, there is no law. All that matters are what is required by force.

Our lives are dominated and consumed by the process and payment of taxes. It would be accurate to say that our existence is indexed to the tax system in America.

Yet not 1 person in 10 million has the monetary understanding that income taxes have absolutely nothing to do with economic or financial support of the federal government. The federal government does not need your income taxes to pay its bills. The income tax system (withholding) was inaugurated in its present form under the crisis of World War II. Before that time, not more than 1 percent of the American people paid any so-called tax on income. What did the government do for money all those years before World War II?

Modern money is a system of numbers and abstraction. The government/Federal Reserve creates those numbers and pays the numbers called dollars for what it needs.

But for a fiat money system to work, it has to be regulated just as your carburetor regulates the speed of your car. The monetary system of the United States is regulated by the IRS income tax system. The IRS income tax system implies in the public mind that the IRS is collecting taxes to support the federal government and pay its expenses. This is not true, but it serves as a disguise to hide fraud.

What then is the IRS collecting? When you send your check to the IRS, the IRS then subtracts the numbers on your check from your checking account. In this action, the IRS is a regulator of your consumption. Your consumption of goods and services is reduced by the exact numbers.

The fiat monetary system would not work without the regulation of your consumption. This essential function of the IRS is the reason that it is a system backed by police power.

Does the IRS spend your numbers (dollars) or send them to Washington as taxes? No, they disappear in the reverse manner that they were created. The more numbers that disappear, the more the government can create without causing price inflation. When the IRS reduces your numbers, your consumption is effectively transferred to government consumption.

The most revealing statement describing the IRS system ever printed revealing the fraud is found in a book published in 1920 titled Economic Consequences of the Peace by John Maynard Keynes. Lord Keynes is the darling of modern bankers and politicians and pseudo economists, even though his theories have proven to be poppycock and disastrous.

He wrote, If  government refrains from regulation (taxation) and allows matters to take their course  the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent, and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer.

This statement clearly says that the income tax system covers the fraud that government prints its own money. The government does not need your numbers (dollars). It creates its own in unlimited amounts. But the people must believe that they are paying taxes according to their fair share. And the people must be made to believe there is a debt to legitimize the system.

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