It is not a destruction – It is a change

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It is not a destruction – It is a change

Humanity cannot be destroyed by a virus. Not even a few. The answer it is that the people live with them since its inception. The moment we think something bad is happening to a person, in fact, the path of change has begun to open.

But, unfortunately, time does not make discounts. This new way of life closes a social door and meanwhile opens a gate that suddenly introduces those norms that until yesterday were not even imagined to be part of life. Perhaps this pandemic process can dictate some of the habits we need to do differently.

Because crises shape history, they undoubtedly give a new and different shape to our previous life and work routine and conception of the future. After such an unrealistic experience until recently and after experiencing the health crisis as a crisis of existence, all this cannot but affect at least to stay and face the protracted crisis of leadership in the country.

Leading the country in times of crisis and giving a national response to what is happening is an extraordinary responsibility.

All eyes are on the leadership.

In the case of Covid-19, which has been identified as a deadly disease, the responsibility is even greater, not just for the government.

It is an extraordinary undertaking for the family, for the society, because deep in the soul of the country you may not be able to find all the right answers. Strong and reliable relationships between leadership and citizens are essential in the time we are living. If the relationship does not have this ratio, then they will heat up more during a crisis, like the one we are living. During this crisis, which is dominated by its ignorance and insecurity, effective responses are largely improvised. They can include a wide range of actions: not only temporary restrictions and moves, but also adjustments to ongoing business practice. What we citizens need during a crisis is not necessarily a pre-determined plan, but behaviors and ways that will help leadership react to yesterday’s developments to look ahead.

Country leaders can better mobilize their capacities by setting clear priorities for response and empowering others (us citizens) to discover and implement solutions that serve priorities.

To promote the solution and rapid execution of the situation under these conditions of stress and chaotic situation, it would be worthwhile for everyone to organize a network of working teams with experts in various fields.

Through the communication of the situation from this network of experts, the judgment of the management of the situation as spectators during and after the pandemic alone does not remain, but also as contributors at the forefront of the situation.

It is unlikely that the citizen will trust solutions from the same administration that creates problems and delays the solution in normal time and without pandemic. This situation does not change anything obvious for the administration, especially when it is part of the civic turmoil.
If we accept that we are on a war front, then the country’s leaders must promote cooperation and transparency throughout the country’s network of experts.

One way to do this is to share authority and exchange information.

This approach involves granting an interim authority to make and implement operational decisions without the need for approval.

An important function of experienced leaders is to quickly create an architecture for timely decision-making like the current one, so that responsibility is clear and decisions are made by the right people at different levels of expertise.

In cases of extreme situations, experience is perhaps the most valuable quality that senior executives should carry with them.

But in a health crisis like the current one, which is going beyond the level of pandemic itself, the leadership holding the war front is of paramount importance after the war.

Country leaders who work in the business sector on a daily basis with people like us should have encouraged at least one spirit based on committed and motivated people.

Our people, all of us must be a strong force for continuity and leaders must be a confident voice, which does not drag from one promise to another, but brings the country and people to higher standards than this pandemic found. which fell on us like “lightning in the blue sky.”

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