Consultancy on finance management and accounting

Consultancy on finance management and accounting

Maintenance of accounting records, including management reports and draft statutory annual financial statements

Based on your request we can keep accounting records through our studio. Our results include the management and fiscal reports issued in intervals required legal financial statements or financial statements prepared on the basis of national standards, and financial reports in accordance with accounting standards or other information that will be used as input data for other processes (e.g. reimbursement of VAT, income tax overpaid, preparation of information for auditors, etc.).

Review accounting records

At your request, we conduct a review of your accounting data. The conclusion of our review is a report that describes the course of the review and any identified deficiencies. In parallel, the service includes assistance in resolving the issues listed being finalized with the expertise of financial statements.

Financial Management Consulting

Design, implementation and financial functions of our customers (if a finance function must be newly created), or Evaluation and improvement of existing finance function (for existing functions that do not meet your requirements). These services include assistance in preparation of internal accounting guidelines, the establishment of cost centers and internal structure and their organization, etc. This program helps clients overcome a temporary shortage of personnel required (e.g. temporary replacement of a financial controller or accountant in support of year-end closing or creating new processes). Here we count including assistance in physical assets

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