Consultancy tax services and fiscal planning

Consultancy tax services and fiscal planning

Tax Compliance

Every action has an effect on taxes. We can prepare and submit all tax returns that you are required by tax legislation (e.g. VAT, income tax, profit tax fee). Save your time and reduce your costs associated with preparing and filing tax returns.

Preparation of tax planning

In our economy, our employees work more taxes to help our clients grow their business. We do this by providing a full range of tax services that helps to minimize the effect of taxes to our customers. When disagreements arise with tax authorities, we are there to help in conversation with these authorities effectively.


Our tax consulting services are as follows:

⇒ Services for domestic and international businesses to corporate tax

⇒ Tips – VAT and customs duties

⇒ Advice on pricing and service transfers

⇒ Advice on tax and transfer of immovable property

⇒ Union, separation, absorption and cancellation of business and sales of shares

⇒ Personal services income subject to tax

⇒ Guidelines for the strategy to tax audits

⇒ Diagnostic control anti tax avoidance tax rules

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