Power for the people and not the people for power

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Power for the people and not the people for power

In an effort to restore new and non-vulgarized reports from our stifling history with slogans that are useless to us it is time to start discussing and thinking about dignified leadership in the country and respected leadership on the regional stage. 

Domestic and foreign policy are deeply linked. It is time that should put us in a nationwide discussion to discuss and act with feedback from everyone to renew our democracy and our priorities, to protect our economic future, to address the most urgent challenges, which we naively leave in the decision-making of leaders that have consumed their charisma beyond the environment in which they live. 

At a new stage of the beginning of 2021 we need to be guided by our example and personal life in function of the country and not by the leadership that creates examples outside the daily to draw our attention from the power of our personal example.

To meet our common challenges (which no one can face on their own), starting with the demands of daily needs for quality education and health care, we must evaluate them by the example of leadership for the people and not the people for leaders. We need to start searching within the perimeter that surrounds us for respect for basic democratic principles. 

Democracy is the tree that still produces little value within our society.

Democracy has not yet become the source of our power and renewal as a society and a people. With this conviction of course it cannot be expanded and will continue to strengthen and amplify our leadership to keep us confident and confident in the values ​​we possess. In fact, it is not enough, from what we see only the engine of our ingenuity to achieve economic prosperity. This is definitely very great value. But in confronting who we are, how we see the world, and how the world sees us, it is still an unassuming and unambitious ability to be a force for the country’s progress and to mobilize collective action for the common good.

Albanian leaders should follow the example of what Biden said a few days ago, but also Clinton and others. Leaders need to lead not only by example of power, but most of all by power of example. 

If each of the leaders who come will set their lives as a guarantee for this country, we can say that we have won the chance to live a safe, healthy and productive life. 

They, the leaders of the country must behave as they are, with the power of example from their lives and daily political family, without asking us to impose on us daily acceptance of examples of how powerful they are and how much power they have in hand. Unfortunately, to date, the demonstration of the example of the power of leaders has dictated, without counting us as individuals with our examples that constitute the example of power. 

Our country and life cannot be organized on their own. Abandoning our deepest moral and traditional values ​​makes no added value in terms of increasing security for the present and guaranteeing the future.

Our leaders, if backed by clear goals and sound strategies will become necessary to effectively address the defining challenges of our time. In order to lead us again, they must restore the credibility and moral impact of their voters. From the first day until the last day of government, they must again give us strong reasons to believe and respect their word. 

The growing power of autocratic leadership throughout and the efforts to disrupt and manipulate democracy are already unique threats to our time, including the renewed threat of the resurgence of nationalisms, mass migration, the disruptive impact of new technologies, and the changing mindsets of generations. The use of language of force and inter-party conflict should be the last word and not the first in respect of the protection of our vital interests. 

Staying embedded in undesirable conflicts for us voters damages our ability to believe and to be interested in other issues that require our attention, and this stops us from rebuilding other instruments of power of examples of a democratic lifestyle. 

Unlike all these years, where our leaders have systematically undermined the notions of liberal democracy and the basic rules of the rule of law, we must make sure that we no longer listen to them if they follow this approach, where even though we talk to them and ask them clarifications, they only listen to themselves all the time limiting the our ability and right to control the facts in real time. 

While relying on the power of their propaganda we must rely on the power of science, integrity and facts by propagating truth in the face of lies. 

The first truth is that our governments still do not serve us through examples of truth and hope for a better future.

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