About ALTAX Institute

About ALTAX Institute

The ALTAX Institute (ATI) is an online professional body for economic & fiscal affairs in Albania. Our membership comprises ATI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA), accountants, CPA, solicitors and other business professionals. Our mission is to support an efficient, fair and competitive tax system that encourages economic and social progress.

Founded in 2017, the ATI works with corporate leaders, Government, Revenue, other professional and representative groups, and the general public to help in the administration and development of the Albanian fiscal approach based on EU tax system. Our professional development programme provides continued education, appropriate advice, specialist seminars and other support services. We provide a large range of other services to our members, including representation, tax research, economic analysis and information and a suite of publications covering the full range of tax topics. The ATI is governed by a 5-member Council made up of senior experts and executives and has a full-time staff.

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