How to do the best to increase the our own wealth?

How to do the best to increase the our own wealth?

Who is the best way to revitalize the economy?
More investment for social services, alternating with foreign investment in the sector oriented?
More money for wealth, or better pay for employees?

Given the fact that the growth of individual incomes comes mainly as a product of investment and increased competitiveness, the analysis focuses on economic policy and model.

Should the government and the economy to still wait to attract investment by looking at investors how and where to invest?

Or, maybe we do need a focus on investments in only 1-2 sectors?

This means that public investments are geared toward preparing investment climate for investing according to investors’ requirements.

Answers that can be given in this occasion can not be classified into good and bad. Investors will make those investments they decide if they feel confident that their profits will be upward and that they will not be affected by political instability, and especially by a premature fiscal policy and corrupted officials.

Investors will consider their home country of Albania only if from the market study it turns out that there is a working class capable of using cost-effective technology for returning their investment.

On the other side, they will want a much more dynamic and non costly transport infrastructure at the incoming and outgoing links of Albania.

But another topic that affects their decisions is the country’s budget health. After studying that the main international institutions have expressed positively on the economy and public finances, then and only then the government needs to be prepared and ready to serve them the investment hospitality with an administration, which should do what it has to do and do very little of what it usually does in the latest 20 years. 

So, what’s the best from our own to fix Albania as should merit since the beginning of this new era.

It’s easy!

For whoever want to do something for his country and for himself need to work, to improve and fix the indicator of transparency and corruption; the economic freedom indicator; the economic competitiveness indicator.

All the efforts have a very significant resultant: revenue growth per capita. Because we don’t deserve to be left out and for many decades to the wake of Europe’s well-being.

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