April 8th, 2019 the day of fiscal freedom in Kosovo


April 8th, 2019 the day of fiscal freedom in Kosovo

Fiscal Freedom in Kosovo arrives on the 98th day of this year, in April 2019, or 5 days after arriving in Albania. This year the celebrations begin two days later than last year.
The Fiscal Freedom celebration goes to Kosovo on April 8th and it is postponed in time through the fiscal burden that is higher in Kosovo compared to Albania.
Kosovo's Fiscal Freedom Day for 2019 arrives faster in the Mitrovica region on the 26th of March. This region celebrates this year Fiscal Freedom Day 2 days earlier, based on the revenue that was collected during 2018.

Most taxpayers who are residents of the 6th regions of Kosovo celebrate the Fiscal Freedom Day during April. Only Mitrovica celebrates in the last days of the first quarter of the year. Taxpayers in the Prizren region celebrate fiscal freedom on April 3, which falls one day later than last year. 
Peja's taxpayers celebrate fiscal release on April 6, or 3 days later than last year. After several days of rest, the holiday of fiscal freedom resumes to be celebrated on 13 April in Gjakova. 
After another 2 days holiday breaks into the Gjilan region on April 15th. Ferizaj residents celebrate fiscal release only one day later than Gjilan.

The last thing to celebrate is the inhabitants of the Pristina region and its municipalities. They are released from budget obligations on April 20. Fiscal Freedom Day Day in Kosovo has been postponed almost during April, as the performance of budget revenues throughout 2018 in all regions of Kosovo has further improvements since last year. Yet the undeniable challenge remains to be the war that must begin with force to push towards the minimum tax evasion limits, which is trying to cross the boundaries that have been imposed to date and is beginning to affect the taxpayer’s tax equality.
This fact also appears to be the distribution of revenues according to GINI Index mentioned above. Kosovo has deteriorated the distribution of income situation only five years ago.

ALTAX calculates for the 3rd time the Fiscal Freedom Index for Kosovo.

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