ALTAX is an Albanian think – tank initiative aiming at a new approach to Albanian – European fiscal and economic policy. The primary goal is to promote education in taxation, help and assist the taxpayers and interested parties (students, field experts, civil servants) with the proper expertise. On the other hand the cooperation with the academics and fiscal experts helps to expand and create an comprehensive audience in help of increasing of fiscal capacities in Albania and Kosovo.

The approach that drives our activity is to increase understanding between the government and the public on issues related to the competitiveness of the economic system, fiscal model performance, promoting public confidence in politics, promoting civil society in Albania, and promoting local public services and appropriate and sustainable central.

One important goal for us is to achieve a more efficient and less complex tax system for all. Our comments and recommendations on tax issues are made solely in order to achieve this aim; we are an entirely apolitical organization.

ALTAX goals also comprise a strategic review of initiative by Albanian civil society organizations that enhance transparency and accountability in the budget, revenues and expenditure. The purpose of the strategic review is to establish a broad national budget oversight platform to build awareness of the need for open budgets and pressure on government institutions to be open. Transparency in government decision-making and use of government data will increase further trust of citizens, improve accountability of policy makers and lead to common European objectives. The envisaged actions to enhance transparency, will improve the ability of people to have their voice heard and make suggestions for policy actions.


ALTAX Center is founded to help, increasing the knowledge and education about the implementation in the right way of fiscal policies and public finances management. We are organized and work based on the principle “Right from the start”.

We present Albanian’s independent micro economic and fiscal research center, and we are commentators on the public finances, tax and welfare policy, tax law, education, inequality and poverty, pensions, productivity and innovation, consumer behavior, gender issues, and the evaluation of policies designed to promote development in Albania.

The quality of our work tries to reflect the quality of our people. As well as our staff, we are proud of our network of collaborators around the country, many of whom have taken the skills into high-profile roles in the media, politics, the civil service, institutions, the voluntary sector and the private sector.

We act based in voluntary contribute and are open to work with other organizations and talented people who want to share the knowledge and expertise for common interesting and future issues.

The ALTax Center is founded to be near young economists and fiscal experts, but either to people who need and advice or protection from abuse of law when they need about. The important, is not to be afraid of that we expect, but to be in front of the problem.


ALTAX has and intensive activity in the tax policy and analysis that includes also the administration, the budgetary policy and implementation and also the tax compliance and the economic imbalances. The work is based mainly to the net of experts that are well linked with the ALTax and are organised based in the topic and thematic subjects.

The ALTax in cooperation with partners of organization have concluded activities like:

  • Tax freedom day event in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, March 2014.
  • Local contributor for the editions 2010-2017 of “Doing Business” from IFC, World Bank
  • Coo-work with IMF experts in the project of tax compliance strategy, 2011-2014
  • Studies, researches, reports and articles.

The activities of the ALTax Center usually may include:

holding meetings of technical and administrative personnel for the exchange of ideas and experiences;
organizing seminars, workshops and training courses o­n aspects of tax administration; collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on tax policies and business community;
providing directly or, collaborating with, and generally facilitating, the work of bilateral and multilateral agencies providing technical assistance and research facilities in the field of tax administration;
generally carrying out functions related to the overall improvement of the capabilities of tax administrations through functional co-operation between and among Albanian areas.

For further information, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

ALTAX Studio

ALTAX Studio is part of ALTax Center. ALTax has a full service Fiscal and Accounting network in Albania and is located in Tirana, with an experience more than ten years.

We present a fiscal prepared staff and with a lot of experience in regard of tax office relation. On the other hand we cooperate with other tax studios here in Albania, and in England, Switzerland, Italy and Kosovo. Our services communication and presentation can be in Albanian, English and Italian languages too.

AL-Tax Studio offers mid-sized and big companies in the Albania area a simplified approach to managing and analyzing critical financial information. We are experts at fiscal & accounting services, and can help with everything from day-to-day bookkeeping to producing clear and accurate financial information. We are also experts at business financial processes and routinely assist with improving efficiencies in the accounting and finance area.

We know how to solve your problem. We know how to pass the obstacles with you, and is not a quote but you can see it, and we can prove it. Our business plans for your activity, our help in your business decision and ideas, and our preparation to help for your security in your work is in front of you.

For further information, please send an e-mail to[email protected]

In cooperation with

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