The summary “7 Good Practices of Local Government, 2022”

The summary “7 Good Practices of Local Government, 2022”

In implementation of the project for monitoring the performance of local government supported by thew Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands under Dutch development / foreign policy, ALTAX experts and partners through social audit, have identified and analyzed to present to the citizens as Good Practices under the title “7 good practices of local government, 2022” (in albanian).

In the year 2022, based on the analysis of local achievements according to the implementation of the 2022 Budget and the year before, but also seeing how national strategies and policies have found scope in the 5 audited municipalities, also considering the answers from our Survey with citizens, we present 7 Good Practices.

Based on our identification of different priority areas, we would very much like to see the space for each year increase for local authorities to apply for Good Practice status, which will make them more prominent in the eyes of the public.

Based on this approach that we have started, we intend that, based on the achievements made by the municipal staff and the policies directed by the Municipal Councils, the winning local authorities will make a commitment to transform their good practices into a training tool to benefit all other local authorities.

The ALTAX Center has worked to reach this point with several Ministries and especially with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, as a financial institution responsible for local government, Local Government Associations, and other actors in several cities to present the program as an inspiring approach. of best practices for local government in the weeks of Practice Open Days that we developed during the month of November 2022.

The presentation of the summary with 7 good practices is precisely the first group of the presentation of practices, which will be followed by grouping them in the future based on even stronger criteria and comparable to the standards achieved as good practices in neighboring countries. , for a greater competitiveness of values ​​and standards that must be implemented by the municipalities themselves and the central government.

Thanks to the Municipalities with their staff, collaborators, and partners, as well as experts and all the perfectionists who helped in this timely publication.

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