Albanian Budget Performance 1996 – 2016

Albanian Budget Performance 1996 – 2016

The ALTAX introduces this statistical paper with comments on government budget revenues, expenditures and investments made, enabling comparative performance in these two decades that summarize budget performance information. The data and comments presented in this text may serve for scholars and experts of the economy and public finances by drawing their conclusions when analyzing the performance of statistics over the last 20 years.

With the fiscal performance analysis for the fiscal period 1996 – 2016, we aim to show whether the public expenditures have been able to meet the budget target of revenue collection according to the government’s objectives, and whether progress is made towards achieving the goals politics of left and right governments.

The study was conducted through many sources of information, where data and information were crucified to verify accuracy. The statistics report and analysis has gone through the stages of (a) statistical survey, (b) aggregation of data, and (c) processing and analysis.

The main source is the data of the Fiscal Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and Fiscal Programs of Governments of 20 years. Other sources used are documents from the Institute of Statistics, Annual Reports of the Bank of Albania, Taxes, Customs and other central institutions, institutes and local and foreign organizations.

This analysis is worth introducing the allocation of budget items by destination, but also variance and analysis, as well as evaluating realistic results from budgeted values.

Another goal is to give scholars practical skills in reconciling the budget revenues realized with the value spent by governments through variances in different items trying to conclude who has affected the budget deficit and how much it has been affected for the future.

This text focuses on the use of performance measurement of the public budget. Based on a national analysis of government revenues and expenditures over 20 years, it is noted from the performance analysis for a range of budget items to look at the tax destination that each of the Albanian citizens pays in the budget.

The study report you may download for free and read HERE !

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