Absent leadership and economic freedom

absent leadership

Absent leadership and economic freedom

Absent leadership benefits from the values ​​of the organization, but without investing in its own values. Absent leadership is rarely discussed nowadays as a leadership phenomenon, but experience and analysis show that it is the most common form of incompetent leadership. Absent leaders are people in leadership roles, who in the first sense of the word are absent by their lack of leadership, or in other words they lead by their absence. They are promoted to leadership, not as a merit achieved by their work and enjoy the privileges and rewards of leadership, but avoid meaningful involvement in leadership and generally avoid their subordinates by creating parallel or dual mechanisms and structures to avoid never directly with management problems.

The influence of the absent leader conveys negativity in building constructive and effective values ​​for continuity and the future. While the right leader increases the premises for effectiveness and teamwork, while not discouraging subordinates in the work they do, it also promotes values ​​for collaboration and its effects continue to show over time and last for a long time.

In a way, the lack of leadership quietly damages the structure and organization that takes so much effort, resources and synergy to shape and develop.

To enable this, this model of leader replaces the leadership structures at the center and at the base with other people who are on his side. In fact, the first job they start organizing and doing best is precisely cleaning up the organization without wasting time.

And the political and economic reality acknowledges this.

If we analyze the level of political, administrative and economic leaders in the center and at the base, it is noticed that in the center the cleaning goes up to 80%, while at the base it goes up to 90%.

Our political organizations that have an impact on economic ones, but also experienced civil society organizations do not often discuss, or rather do not discuss at all the fact that it takes different skills and characteristics to succeed in a leadership role, rather than to succeeded in a non-leadership role (prominent individual due to personal gifts or stories related to different circumstances). It is this kind of discussion that is directly related to the values ​​that society and the economy must carry regarding the rights and obligations in order to increase the tendencies for the economic freedom of everyone.

The leaders who have been hired in these organizations only on the basis of previous success / personal talents, we have happened to experience as bad leaders and who have badly influenced the organization where they run. They may have been dynamic individuals, but they have become absent leaders who have excelled only in their lack of accountability for the role they have accepted. This fact of their lack of direction even though they may have lived with us appears in the progress of economic freedom year after year. It has improved a bit and this is a consequence of a direction that has lacked the ability to run politics, the economy and society as a whole at a more advanced and competitive level with our neighbors.

Such a lack of responsibility that we get tired of discussing further and we see for 30 consecutive years in Albanian leaders, big and small, who although not all resemble the stereotype of a harmful leader, in fact with the effects that they produce during their leadership are with destructive cases.

While they enjoy being in command like children, in fact they do not stand up to the responsibility that comes from this role, abusing and delegating it to their confidants, which in everyday life has produced a lack even though we look at them and we listen daily and every hour of the day.

They have failed to build teams, but instead have built individuals who use the talents of ordinary people to get results that could be achieved by teams.

When leaders sometimes really make a decision on the team, usually they come too late to make a change and usually these are done at the end of the time they need to leave the position. They just aren’t “here” when we really need them.

This situation which has been around for many years is very hazardous, as we should not leave them in their comfort zone, but test and force them with the strength of argument, the constant demand for accountability and the keeping of promises. The reason that motivates everyone is the obligation he has for himself and his descendants to live economically free while not continuing with the model of absent leadership “free in flour and expensive in bran”.

Since ancient times the demand for freedom has begun to travel with few people, but over time it has gained the right to change the status quo. If this approach does not work right away, let people focus their energy on looking for a new approach that will give them the opportunity to feel closer to success and to be many times more economically free.

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