Multidimensional monitoring of local government: Assessment of opportunities and constraints – Elbasan Municipality 2021

The purpose of this reporting material is to present the general development situation in the Municipality of Elbasan. Part of the assessment based on monitoring and commentary are the socio-economic aspects of the area as a key element in relation to the environment and the potentials of economic development of the area. In its conclusions will be presented recommendations that can serve to solve problems that require strengthening the civic voice according to civil expertise to influence a quality decision, but also showing procedures and obligations that may be manifestations of tendencies for corruption and political will to be adapted to the real needs and opportunities, after 6 years of approval of the PPV for the municipality.

In the main references through which the monitoring and assessment of the general situation will be done, except PPV-PDV, all the legal references are used which are listed at the beginning of each chapter. This strong legal framework is the part where the activity of the Municipality is based and extends, as well as all the municipalities of the country in the service of the community, but also in shaping all the needs of the generations and the visionary future of the administrative units.

NOTE! The Report actually is downloadable only in Albanian version and could be translated by private requests.


ALTAX Center in the framework of the project “Public monitoring through civic interaction” supported by thew Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands under Dutch development / foreign policy, has started from December 2021 the analysis of the performance of municipalities, including in a report, which we have made first step in dialogue in open forums in 5 municipalities: Elbasan, Dibër, Elbasan, Gjirokastër and Elbasan.

The work experts for the drafting of the Report for ELBASAN Municipality are based to the MANUAL FOR SOCIAL AUDIT IN THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT, 2022 [1], published by ALTAX within the project. The experts analyzed the implemented processes and realized the history of the General Local Development Plan, the Medium Term Budget Program 2019-2021, 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-2024, as well as other National and Local documents, which are strategies and development policies of local programs. On the other hand, experts have analyzed the reports and activities published by Albanian civil society organizations, but also foreign organizations in Albania. Also they have dedicated a place to statistical data and comments made on them by portals that focus on monitoring and analysis of processes and activities on local government.

In order to finalize the findings and developments, based on all the reference documents as above, as well as to be as complete and coordinated as possible with the references and needs of members of civil society, our experts used The Survey “On local government and its performance, 2021-2022” which also was in cooperation with members of the public and CSOs, as well as representatives of business and academic life and students. Its results will be confirmatory part of the findings of the Report. The focus of the Survey was based on the themes and development programs approved by the Municipal Council and the Mayor to complete the local government bids with development requests according to the needs of the citizens.
This Report consists of 5 topics monitored in their development processes, which represent:

Population movements within the Municipality, impact on the economy, budget and employment market
Local finances of the municipality (key budget moments, budget reviews and intertwining with state budget transfers)
Youth education and integration in the local market, as a challenge to the future
Environmental risk management and performance of agriculture and tourism in local development
Revitalization of local infrastructure, urban renaissance and development of local economy

Following the communication between ALTAX and partners with local civil society, we appreciate the fact that the cooperation for a more complete and responsible communication, clarification and reporting by us in reflecting the achievements and challenges of the Municipality in terms of program development is the goal for to be presented at the open forum of June 2022 in 5 cities of the country.