Tax freedom day and tax burden in Albania and Balkans, 2015

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Tax Freedom Day in Kosovo and other Balkan countries
Tax burden in Albania, according to regions in fiscal year 2014. The comparison with Balkan countries.

This paper presents the results of the methodology used by experts of AL-Tax Center for calculation of Tax Freedom Day, 2015. The data used belong to the budget facts of 2014. An evaluation of this nature is going on for the third time in Albania and is being introduced in the way of tradition from the ALTax center in the economic and fiscal environment of Albania.


The object of the presentation is the level of tax burden from one Albanian region to another, pointing to the need to have the ability to increase revenues through comparison with similar regions, in order to finance the costs for central and local investment. On the other hand, every citizen who is contributor to the government budget should be recognized that as is the burden that holds in relation to citizens in other regions of Albania and the Balkans.