Taxation: An interdisciplinary approach to research

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This book introduces ‘an interdisciplinary research approach’ and comments upon how disciplinary-based approaches to tax research have developed in law, economics, accounting, political science, and social policy. Topical studies provide bibliographic surveys of specific areas of tax research.


The editors’ aim has been to produce a book that offers an innovative introduction to tax research by combining commentary on disciplinary based and interdisciplinary approaches. As such, we hope that we can enrich the existing literature and perspectives on the study of taxation. The main objective of this book is to guide and encourage readers to produce more good taxation research.
To do this we provide a map of the taxation research field and outline what we mean by ‘single-disciplinary’ approaches to tax research and ‘interdisciplinary’ approaches.
Our secondary objective is to open up the field of tax research to readers. All too often potential researchers hesitate to tackle a tax research topic because they do not know where to start. In this book we provide suggestions of topics, readings, and approaches that are intended to help the new researcher to begin to research tax problems.