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Compulsory housing insurance provision by catastrophes in a fiscalist’s perspective

Property insurance can make an important contribution to managing the financial impacts of earthquake risk, although earthquake loss insurance faces a number of challenges. As a result, various countries have made public earthquake (re)insurance arrangements to support wider insurance coverage, especially...

The second demonetization in a few years in India: Effects and lessons for Albania

When the demonetization policy (withdrawal of a currency, banknote, or precious metal from use) was implemented in 2016 in India it took everyone by surprise except the government and the Central Bank (Reserve Bank of India, RBI) [1]. The...

Consultation session with interest groups for the improvement of the draft income tax law

The Parliamentary Committee for Economy and Finance held a hearing today with Interest Groups regarding the identified need to further improve the draft law "On Income Tax" and its prospects. Representatives from the Albanian Association of Banks,