Accounting best practices, Fifth edition

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This book is compiled from the author’s lengthy experience in setting up and operating a number of accounting departments, as well as by providing consulting services to other companies. Each chapter includes a table that notes the ease, duration, and cost of implementation for every best practice within it. These tables separate best practices into a number of subcategories, and also contain a reference number that is useful for locating the main text for each best practice within the chapter.

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Also, a selection of best practices have an Author’s Choice” graphic posted next to them. These best practices are ones the author has found to be particularly effective in improving accounting operations. All best practices are also noted in summary form in Appendix A. In addition, Appendix B contains contact information for most of the suppliers listed in this book.

Though this book is the central source of best practices information for the accountant, there are several other books available that specialize in smaller niche within the accounting area. Each of these books contains many additional best practices not found in Accounting Best Practices. These include the author’s Inventory Best Practices  (Wiley, 2004), Billing and Collections Best Practices (Wiley2005), Payroll Best Practices (Wiley, 2005), and Fast Close (Wiley, 2005).