Economic growth in Albania: Influencing factors yesterday, today and tomorrow

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The history of the Albanian economy tells us that we were not aware clearly about the influencing factors (development and limits) to long-term economic growth. In some historical periods is confused current economic situation with the economic perception for the future.

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According to statistics from IMF, the annual economic growth has signs of different levels among different countries. While developed countries have an economic growth at low levels, the developing countries have a high level of growth. But this fact does not mean that the high level of growth is better than low level, because countries have different economic history and development rates.

Albanian economy is dominated today 70% of the trade and service sector. On the other hand, it should be noted that capital accumulation as a consequence of economic development, was concentrated in the hands of few individuals, linked with stories of corruption. The accumulation of capital, around a few people and businesses is a major reason for the apparent slowdown of growth in recent years.