War resumed to corruptionism in Albania…

War resumed to corruptionism in Albania…

A large part from us would say that it is useless to begin again the fight against corruption, as it is accepted as a moral norm of society. Others would say that corruption is a global phenomenon and is an evil that you do not what to do. Already many of us, of more than 20 years are undergoing corruption, like to a chronic illness (e.g. diabetes).

With the submission of the patient, we strengthened the conviction that He neither can be controlled, but neither can be prevented. Such assertions are indicative of hopelessness and learning to live with evil.

However, I have found many people still believe in change and willingness to prevent the phenomenon. I believe that the voices against this unpopular evil will come strengthened to say with a great voice (not just on the international day against corruption):

– Yes!

– Corruption is being fought!

– It is possible to prevent the danger that threatens our freedom!

This belief is valuable to us as we start to launched frontal war against him and informality. But, if we lose faith would not have neither the will. Then we will have no way out for a long time, but will submit and live with him waiting for the day of freedom from Him.

But why should we fight?

What evil makes me and you?

As regard to corruption in the public sector, the ordinary peoples consider it as assistance in solving problems in offices, schools, hospitals. They say that if a public servant receives bribe and solve your problem, then he is neat. A public servant who receives bribe and there it solves your problem, then he is dishonest. Meanwhile, a person who does not take a bribe, but it solves your problem, and then he is silly.

For this kind of mentality, the corruption is a normal right to public services, being considered a necessary evil for ‘good’ governance. This mentality has been strengthened by one government to another. They have tolerated by encouraging corruption. Strategies and action plans had no more effect than the limit of a public speech or a workshop to register as activity. Lack of statesmen could not change the trust and vulnerability of citizens to fight against corruption; as long as the reason for the delivery of state was itself high levels of corruption in his. Corruption in all these years just as is prune, leaving loose grow and develop. In all these years, he has become an existential governance philosophy.

Corruptionism has become a parallel power and competitive to government, like the informal economy, which competes formal economy. This ruling power has his army commanded by money and not by the law, who created obstacles to implementation.

Corruption and investments in economy

Albania for 2015 ranked 88/168

Albania for 2015 ranked 88th out of 168 countries in total, according to data from Transparency International. This means that 87 countries are less corrupt than us (to take an example how they react), and 80 countries are more corrupt than us. It is normal to have the most corrupt countries Albania. The curve of corruption perception has not come out of the countries that are considered to be corrupt. In 2004 Albania was ranked 108th, in 2008 was ranked 85th, 2014 was ranked 110th and a year later progressed further 22 countries.

In the span of more than 10 years retention index indicates a harmful status quo moving forward with the integration and democracy.

According to World Bank studies show that nowadays, if a country is perceived as corrupt, foreign investment inflows fall to 20% compared with a normal climate. And this in our country until now been felt, as Albanian and foreign investments denominated in major mass privatization are extensions of corruption or suspicious money inflows. Barriers to investment in the Albanian economy comes first because of the rank that take Albania annually in the last position of the countries in Europe, but also in the developing world where we think we’re part of it. To date, the investment figures smell of propaganda, this ends with the budget year or at most with the end of a political mandate.

There is a still investment, which haven’t laid the groundwork or created a model of industrial development or capital market. And this propaganda continues over 20 years, although the Albanian market is open to anyone and the tax burden is not considered a problem to invest. To date prestigious brands and multinationals do not see yet in Albania. In countries, around although there is a market with similar dimensions has greater presence and consolidated global capital.

Corruptionism and replacement values

The reason why corruption resists our value system is at least partly due to the breakdown of the report with confidence to the government (social contract), where the merits of government social derive no values. This belief has lost little by little each year seeing the lack of transparency, accountability and wounding of hope and civil and civic courage to denounce this evil. Transparency would be the first action of small big change.

Punishing all that results from transparency and on the other hand the social isolation of corrupt people will make the difference from a lack of standards to date. The awakening of civic morality is the first victory in the fight against corruption front, as is the fight of the majority against the minority. However small to be the first victory, it will apply to convert the hope and confidence in the victory of the war against corruptionism. Concrete aid would salience of its leaders to convey values and strategic tactics of war.

War resumed against corruption should be done in broad front, where the enemy is visible (the corrupt and their legal counsel) and invisible (the part of corrupt rulers, who are always together in government position, even they are part of left or right political wing). It is the proper time that the fight against corruption be perceived as a war on poverty reduction, the fight against tax evasion to the informal economy and therefore to strengthen the management capacity of the public administration.

The main enemy is political corruption!

Corruptions of political will (commitments) to politicians are the indicator that they have started the most lucrative activity and lower the risk to lose the 365 days of the year.

One of the thorniest aspects of the resumption of fighting corruption is the disinfection of system that did not perform the legal duties. In today’s global climate to corruptionism, the war should be seen also as a counterpoint to the phenomenon at all levels of governments. When can be accessed and turned off the highest levels of government is given the clear message that the war began to source and to reason that infects the entire system.

For all the highest levels of executive positions who were not able to built and make available the legal systems to combat the phenomenon (inaction), the new generation must necessarily follow the model that are implementing today Balkan countries and beyond to those responsible who have exceeded their access to public goods. 

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