Some ideas for finding a clients for new businesses in the market

Some ideas for finding a clients for new businesses in the market

I started a small business-like Internet Cafe. What tips apply to the question of what should I do to find a fixed clientele?


The question “where can I find customers?” it is quite stimulating as the very need of a business is daily to generate income to fill the uncertainties and surprises of tomorrow and the profit perhaps not as high as originally planned.

In the first place, we would advise you to design a business plan, however simple it may be.

Never start a business without such a plan, which will guide you where to go with your business. Set some deadlines for this plan. Then, we could further say that:

1.       Spread your business first with your acquaintances. Make a list of them and share the idea with sheets and folders, emails, sms, or social media, as well as talking directly about what you intend to sell or serve as your special.

2.       Your business, no matter how small or medium, needs a little publicity. For this you need to plan a budget from the beginning. Don’t underestimate it, as for many businesses this bypass is one of the reasons for failure.

3.       Offer goods and services at prices slightly below the nearest or similar competitor. People need to look at a price that they feel they are able to pay, not in difficulty. The moment the business stabilizes then you can decide what to do with the prices of your products.

Do you feel that people are willing to pay more?

Do you justify yourself in front of them with new prices?

However, careful!

The moment should not push you to rush, where the business flow can take turns that would not interest you.

4.       Do something special in your business. When people start e.g. in the field of consulting, it is best to apply it initially with as many people as possible and preferably free or with modest payment. Especially for goods or services that you think cost a little for you, but for the customer they are worth it, as they make him feel familiar with the products of your business.

5.       Offer services or goods on certain days at bargain prices, making this special every time in your business.

Don’t be scared! You will not lose. The next few days people will add to you.

Although finding customers seems like a difficult part, if you offer fair prices and people are informed about it and when they come to you, they feel your treatment directly then customers have nowhere to go.

You have them in hand!

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