Albania taxation trends in 2014

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Growing tax compliance for ensuring government’s public expenditures.

Tax administration will not achieve this goal without the fruitful cooperation and mutual business.

The tax system in Albania is composed on taxpayer-self-assessment, and recently has formatted the strategy based on efforts for improving the tax compliance and on mitigating major risks to the tax system.


The tax administration exercises its competences in accordance with the legal framework and principles of administrative ethics, with a view to protecting the privacy and rights of people and businesses. The law on taxation procedures and other tax laws whose object are direct and indirect taxes, insurance contributions and national taxes are the basis that constitute the fundamental compulsory legal framework for the taxation administration.

The mission of the Albanian tax administration is to contribute to the guarantee of sources for government’s public expenditures,  effective and efficient  collection of taxes, insurance contributions and other duties as well as to offer suitable information for the development of Government’s economic policies.