Albania Report on the preparation of post-2020 strategy

This report is divided into three main parts:

Part I provides a summary overview of the main findings;

Part II contains a detailed review including: (i) mid and long-term national strategies and priorities post-2020: (ii) review of post-2020 initiatives and projects beyond government sphere: (iii) linkages of mapped strategies and priorities with European Commission priorities (iv) mapped existing and potential national strategies and priorities with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and (v) mapping of all donor strategic documents and visions, national coordination mechanisms for the development of strategies and the mechanisms on strategic planning.

Finally, the report includes brief information on the coordination mechanisms for developing the economy’s priorities, followed by an analytical report including a list of indicators to measure the implementation of priorities and a list of the ongoing and planned projects supporting the preparation of Albania’s long-term priorities


The report aims to present an analysis of relevant post-2020 strategies in Albania and a detailed analysis of strategic national priorities with respect to the European Commission priorities and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This report is inspired by SEE2020 Strategy, European Union’s (EU) 2020 Strategy and National Strategy for Development and Integration 2015-2020 (NSDI).

The NSDI provides the framework for national strategic priorities and targets under 27 sector and cross-sector strategies.

The NSDI relies on six pillars: good governance, democracy and rule of law; growth through fiscal stability and increasing competitiveness; sustainable growth through efficient use of resources; development and social cohesion through investment in individuals; EU accession; and involvement of the civil society.

The new Albania sectoral and crosscutting strategies post-2020 seek to boost prosperity, job creation, enhance competitiveness and promote investment, and to underscore the importance of the EU perspective for the Albania future, through coordinated cooperation across a number of important policy dimensions