fiscal package

Albanian fiscal package ready to be introduced in 2018

Albania is ready to Introduce the new policy of taxes for the fiscal year of 2018. 

The Law 'On Value Added Tax' has undergone changes in the 2018 package, where it is first proposed to set a 6% VAT level for the supply of

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New rules to implement about transfer pricing in Kosovo

Following the publication of Administrative Instruction MF No. 02/2017 on Transfer Pricing which sets out rules and procedures for the implementation of the transfer pricing provisions of Law No. 05/L-029 on Corporate Income Tax

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tax in EU

Who pays the most tax in the EU?

Have you ever wondered how much tax you’re paying compared to other countries? This infographic from the European Parliament might help you find out.

It shows a varied picture across the Union, in terms of tax rates, types of

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vat - gst

VAT, GST And Sales Tax Developments worldwide

From India's proposed goods and services tax reaching a significant milestone, to the European Union's VAT Plan and the vexed question of sales tax jurisdiction on internet purchases in the United States, this feature looks at

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informal economy

Assessment of the volume of informal economy in Kosovo

In the presentation of the report drafted by the European Union Office on the Extension of Informality in Kosovo, it was stated that reforms should be extended to the judiciary system, in order to do more in confiscating the

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tax cross border

Tax cross-border problems

There is no EU law that states how people moving from one country to another within the EU should be taxed.

For example, the rules about taxation on pensions differ between Member States. These differences can create problems

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Tax avoidance via Eurobond

One of the most important things about Eurobonds is that they are, unlike many other types of bonds, not taxed at source. In other words, when investors in a bond receive interest payments (which is a form of income) they aren’t

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property tax

Property Taxes around World

A report published in the United States in 2014 concluded that property tax is often identified as taxpayers' "most hated tax," surpassing both income tax and sales tax in their low estimation. Not that governments seem to be

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What happens to a nation which goes bankrupt?

When a country fails to pay its creditors on time, it is said to go into default, the national equivalent of going bankrupt.

When a country goes bust, the pain is felt on very deep levels. The most basic systems and institutions

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serbia tax system

Serbia tax system highlights

Serbia has a deep industrial tradition, a strategic transportation and technical infrastructure, a private sector accustomed to complement international business, rich natural resources, ideal location, a growing network of

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Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax in Europe and double taxation

Most European countries have a tax that arises when the estate of a deceased person is transferred to his/her heirs. The amount of tax to be paid heavily depends on the affiliation to different heir-categories. European countries

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tax havens

EU with new approach about tax havens

It is a simple figure that highlights the inequalities in our world: the 62 richest people own as much as our planet’s poorest 50 percent, a new Oxfam report published for this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has shown. It also

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