shake economy

Let’s shake the economy from the sinful past

What has happened and continues to happen in countries around the world, in order to recover their economies after facing the pandemic is a very strong and synchronized policy response from the ministries of finance and central

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monetary financing covid

Direct monetary financing could save the economy from drowning by Covid-19

As Covid-19 continues to perpetuate uncertainty and maintain ground against the opening up of the economy, direct financial transfers to households and small businesses beyond traditional social protection mechanisms become

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anti establishment

Next Elections: Rising startup/ anti establishment party vote

Citizens who do not intend to vote cite disappointment that so little has changed despite previous votes. They are angry at their leaders, the lack of representation and politicians’ behaviors in their interest and people related

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The economy needs bypass

Liberal values, as the main part of our economy are very valuable to be lost in the panic that has begun to come increasing to the recent social and economic upheavals. The lack of basic components of parliament, which fails to

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What kind of Albania are we living in?

For more than a few years, political leaders have been using public statements as disinformation.They have restored the former tradition of the "newspaper", calling everything that comes out of them as their opposite, and this is

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support or change

The dilemma to support the change inside the current politics or better to protest against?

Elections could be valuable to a wider range of leaders in a related model where they have the opportunity to utilize the information generated by elections as well as the citizens. For example, the incumbent could grant

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economic policy

No one pays much attention to economic policy

An additional factor that stimulates Albania's economic growth is the country's rapid integration into the regional economy and the vision to have an open door to the European economy. 

Exports for the period 2009-2019 increased

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political influence

Political influence on the economy is its enemy

Given the fact that the main goal of the reform is the depoliticization of economic life, then also the liberalization of the economy is a priority. Liberalization encourages depoliticization because it deprives politicians of

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corruption politics

Political disorder feeds corruption

A democratic system does not guarantee a free society from corruption. But it is a fact that corruption tends to less prevalent in strong democratic systems with an open governance system.

Corruption is bad. But corruption that

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canabbis tax

Marijuana as a business model and as a budget aid

At least 52 different countries around the world have legalized cannabis (marijuana) at different levels. In most cases it is legalized for medical use by being produced and marketed under special authorizations licensed by the

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perimeter of power

Leadership within the perimeter of power

The problem of group thinking and individual ignorance affects not only ordinary voters and clients, but also presidents, prime ministers, and corporate leaders.

The latter may have access to a host of powerful consultants

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political reform

A little can be changed without a deep political reform

Strengthening the current political system with some reforms?

A different approach guided by concepts and technical expertise?

An overhaul of the political system oriented towards functional liberal pure models? 

The first

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