Corruption of Historical Leaders

Corruption of Historical Leaders and distancing from them

The whole notion of the Democratic Party (DP) is being declared by some segments of its current leadership that it belongs to Sali Berisha (ex-Prime Minister of Albania). In fact this story of DP was built from the role played by

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government corruption

Governments are threatened by their "corruption"

According to the definition found in various references “Autocratic leadership is a management style where one person / group of people controls all decisions and receives very little input from other group members. "Autocratic

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absent leadership

Absent leadership and economic freedom

Absent leadership benefits from the values ​​of the organization, but without investing in its own values. Absent leadership is rarely discussed nowadays as a leadership phenomenon, but experience and analysis show that it is the

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Open Balkan

Open Balkan: Losers and winners

The political roots of the current reaction against the Open Balkan initiative taken by the current heads of government in Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia to integrate the labor market and the economic market between the

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end of pandemic


Albania's ability to increase fiscal support has not changed, although the election campaign does not appear to be taking place in a time of pandemic. Ministry of Finances cannot borrow more. 

Meanwhile, the economic recovery

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tax amnesty

Fiscal amnesty: What approach does the government aim for?

Fiscal amnesty usually occurs for a reason that only the government that approves it can give the correct answer. Usually it happens for reasons of filling the budget with income in fast time. Since the government is tight on

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governance ahead

Government needs to look ahead

Governments of all political wings need to consider not only how to overcome the short-term health crisis, but also how to prepare for long-term financial challenges. 

While the government has been the first line of public

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Albania's good name

Albania's good name in the world depends on the current performance of the country

This has in fact just become more difficult and not only because the management of the situation caused by Covid-19 has damaged its reputation, but has revealed the economic, political and social - educational reality.

The first

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economic recovery

Towards the path of economic recovery

Data published by official statistics agencies show that in the third quarter of 2020 some of the world's largest economies have had economic growth that has managed to reach up to or above the level of 3-7%. 

The fact of the

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recovery and pandemic

Recovery is not achieved without defeating the pandemic

Sustainable economic recovery cannot be achieved unless we defeat the pandemic. It is necessary that the timing of the action be understood to have a lot of impact in this fight against COVID-19. At this time that is entering a

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people power

Power for the people and not the people for power

In an effort to restore new and non-vulgarized reports from our stifling history with slogans that are useless to us it is time to start discussing and thinking about dignified leadership in the country and respected leadership

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budget target


As countries move towards recovery for 2021, building strong institutions and capacity building will remain essential for Albania. Despite the fact that the years go by, the processes of strengthening the state are still those

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